Healthy Dining Committee

The Healthy Dining Committee seeks to enhance the campus dining and food culture for students, faculty, staff, and campus guests by focusing on the quality, accessibility (including affordability) and variety of food on campus. All campus community members with interest in bettering our food landscape, food policy creation or revision, or related topics are invited to join.

Why Join?

  • Help the university improve the dining experience across campus.
  • Gain knowledge about how eating behaviors are affected by the environment and policy.

Committee Initiatives & Supported Efforts 2020-2021:

The Healthy Dining Committee seeks to address priority food-related issues through the following campus initiatives:

Food and academics

We are working with the Learning Environments program to amplify the importance of students having time to eat in between their classes. This initiative also promotes the importance of fueling students’ ability to learn by increasing the availability of snacks for students in the classroom.

UT Farm Stand

Our committee supports and promotes the UT Farm Stand, which is managed by University Housing and Dining. This on-campus market aims to make local produce accessible to all while educating about sustainable food choices and their impact on the environment.

Undergraduate Studies class

Working to incorporate healthful eating content into UGS signature courses.

Impact of all-you-can-eat policy on student eating habits

Collecting data concerning the effects of the newly implemented all-you-can-eat policy on campus.

Healthy vending

A vending machine initiative to make healthier food and drink options on campus easily identifiable. These items, currently dubbed “Lite Bites”, are selected based on meeting national and local nutrition criteria for healthy vending snack options. ‘“Lite Bites” the brand, is currently under revision, with consultation from this committee. Items meet the following standards:

Not more than thirty-five percent (35%) of calories from fat (with the exception of nuts and seeds, nut butters, eggs, non-fried vegetables, and cheese packaged for individual sale. Snack mixes must meet 35% rule).
Saturated Fat
Not more than ten percent (10%) of calories from saturated fat (excluding eggs and cheese packaged for individual sale).
Not more than thirty-five percent (35%) total weight from sugar and caloric sweeteners (with the exception of fruits and vegetables that have not been processed with added sweeteners).
Items shall not contain more than 360 mg of sodium per serving.
Not more than 250 calories per individual package for snack items.

Healthy Vending Map

This map represents the snack vending machine locations on campus. Buildings marked with the Lite Bites logo indicate where healthy vending options are found. Use this map to locate healthy snack options available day and night!

Lite Bites

Lite Bites items are part of an initiative to make healthy food and drink options on campus easily identifiable. All Lite Bites items are selected based on meeting national and local nutrition criteria for healthy vending snack options. Criteria are based on amount of calories, saturated fat, sugar, and sodium.

View UT Healthy Vending Machine Map in a larger map

Committee Representation

The Healthy Dining Committee membership represents a wide variety of campus departments, students, and faculty, and we build time into each meeting for committee member’s thoughts, reflections, and ideas.

Contact Information

Sarah Frey

Sarah FreyHealth Promotion Coordinator

Xiaofen Keating

Xiaofen KeatingAssociate Professor, Department of Curriculum and Instruction