Forty Acres Food Alliance (FAFA)

The Forty Acres Food Alliance seeks to improve the food environment for our UT Austin community. Through campus partnerships, community education and advocacy, the Forty Acres Food Alliance focuses on food equity, sustainable and nourishing food, and increasing food security. Our committee represents a variety of campus departments, students and student groups and always welcomes new members throughout the year. Want to get involved? Contact our chairperson.

Spring 2024 Committee Meeting Times

All meetings are virtual and meet from 11 a.m. to noon CST

Meeting Dates:

Feb 19
March 25
April 22
May 20

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Curent Committee Initiatives & Supported Efforts

Food in the classroom

Forty Acres Food Alliance works with the Texas Well-Being to amplify the importance of students having time to eat in between their classes. This initiative also promotes the importance of fueling students’ ability to learn by increasing the availability of snacks for students in the classroom.

UT Farm Stand

The Forty Acres Food Alliance supports and promotes the UT Farm Stand, which is managed by University Housing and Dining. This on-campus market aims to make local produce accessible to all while educating about sustainable food choices and their impact on the environment. The Farm Stand can be used by faculty, staff and students at UT.

Food Security on Campus

Forty Acres Food Alliance works with students and multiple campus partners to gather information on students and food insecurity through surveying. Our aim is to identify the prevalence of food insecurity, attitudes towards food insecurity, and barriers to usage of services. The data will be used to help guide our committee’s future work.

FAFA also has connected with existing departments across campus that have already implemented, or are starting to think about implementing, food pantries within their own units. The committee seeks to bring these stakeholders together in a collaborated effort to increase access to food.

Lite Bites and Healthy Vending Map

Lite Bites items are part of an initiative to make better food and drink options on campus easily identifiable via vending machines. All Lite Bites items are selected based on meeting national and local nutrition criteria for healthy vending snack options. ‘Lite bites,’ the brand, is under revision. Current Lite Bites items meet the following standards:

Not more than thirty-five percent (35%) of calories from fat (with the exception of nuts and seeds, nut butters, eggs, non-fried vegetables, and cheese packaged for individual sale. Snack mixes must meet 35% rule).
Saturated Fat
Not more than ten percent (10%) of calories from saturated fat (excluding eggs and cheese packaged for individual sale).
Not more than thirty-five percent (35%) total weight from sugar and caloric sweeteners (with the exception of fruits and vegetables that have not been processed with added sweeteners).
Items shall not contain more than 360 mg of sodium per serving.
Not more than 250 calories per individual package for snack items.

Healthy Vending Map

Take a look at the Healthy Vending Map for options across campus.

View UT Healthy Vending Machine Map in a larger map

Issue Briefs

Issue briefs are infographics created on a variety of health topics utilizing data from the University of Texas at Austin and trusted national resources in college health. Feel free to download or print out and distribute.

Contact Information

Cecilia Raatz

Cecilia RaatzSustainability Coordinator


Emily Shackleton

Emily Shackleton Registered Dietitian