The mission of the Wellness Network is to collaborate to create a healthier UT for everyone.


The Wellness Network strives to lead a movement of well-being at UT Austin. The Wellness Network envisions a campus culture where health and well-being are a priority in every area of our community. We strive for a campus where all students, faculty and staff have the access and support they need to thrive and live healthy and fulfilling lives.


Sharing a fundamental belief that growth and development are built upon a foundation of health and wellness, the Wellness Network values:

Holistic health and wellness

The health of the whole person is important and inextricably linked to the health of the whole campus.

Collaboration and partnership

In order to accomplish meaningful change on the Forty Acres, individuals and departments must collaborate and build partnerships. Every collaboration and partnership improves the health and wellness of our campus.


To achieve maximum impact on key health & wellness issues, our focus and energy should be directed to addressing root issues that lead to negative health outcomes.

Community Engagement

The broad range of perspectives and experiences of all members of our community are sought, heard, respected and utilized to steer our work.


Data and assessment best practices inform strategic decisions and new initiative development.


Individuals thrive and succeed when they find their own unique and fulfilling fit between work, play, and academics.