• The first Strategic Plan Work Group convenes to write the Division of Student Affairs strategic plan and identify “an enhanced campus-wide culture of wellness” as a key initiative
  • Wellness Wednesdays are revived under a working title of “Partners in Health” in the Division of Student Affairs Pitched the “Wellness Initiative Proposal” to Vice President for Student Affairs, approved to create a more formalized group of representatives from across the Division of Student Affairs
  • Wellness Network was rolled into the second iteration of the Division of Student Affairs strategic plan Students were invited to participate in the core work group through Student Government Sleep campaign - first program and initiative of the Wellness Network First open meeting, open to students, faculty, and staff beyond the Division of Student Affairs
  • New Chair HRS and the Division of Student Affairs hire faculty/staff health and wellness specialists Wellness Network Strategic Plan created and presented to membership Wellness Network executive board, leadership team, and subcommittees are launched
  • Wellness Network subcommittees are underway; new task forces and work groups are added as interest and necessity dictate
  • UT wins the inaugural Active Mind’s Healthy Campus Award, the application for which was compiled and submitted by the Wellness Network executive board
  • 2019-2022 Strategic plan implementation begins First graduate assistant hired
  • Wellness Network updated branding Wellness Network leadership group decides on three signatures initiatives: annual event, committees, and a network idea incubation initiative