Wellness Network Student Roundtable

Heads up! Student Roundtable is currently paused for Spring 2021. If you are a student interested in this group, please email wellnessnetwork@uhs.utexas.edu.

The purpose of the Wellness Network Student Roundtable is to create a community of like-minded students working towards prioritizing health and wellness in the lives of UT students. Open to all students, the Roundtable aims to be a hub for discussion and collaboration in health-related areas.

Committee Initiatives & Supported Efforts

The Student Roundtable serves as an important connection between the Wellness Network and the student body. Student participants are able to learn about the resources and initiatives of the Wellness Network and are given an access point to committee membership. In return, the committees reach passionate students with vested interest in their work. The Wellness Network Leadership Team also gains valuable insight on health and wellness issues from the perspective of students. This rapport allows for a constant flow of information, feedback, and collaboration to advance both student and Wellness Network goals and initiatives.

Students from various wellness-related student organizations across campus are able to connect with one another to collaborate on common initiatives, discuss strategies for taking an active role in promoting healthy lifestyles, and have organic conversations about the wellness climate of UT. These students’ shared passion for health and wellness issues creates a coalition of innovators seeking to actively work towards a healthier campus.

As the newest committee of the Wellness Network, the Roundtable is in its earlier stages of development. As such, the committee is in an exciting position for potential growth, exploration, and possibility. The Roundtable continues to grow and take shape, with the hopes of becoming a valuable resource to students and the Wellness Network alike.

Contact Information

Are you a student interested in getting involved in the Student Roundtable? Join our Facebook group for updates and more information. Or contact: Wellnessnetwork@uhs.utexas.edu