Annual Event 2021

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Opening & Keynote Speaker

Justin Carter, Outreach and Prevention Coordinator, Student Emergency Services in the Office of the Dean of Students.

Dr. Skyller Walkes, Assistant Dean of Diversity & Inclusion and Assistant Professor of Instruction in the College of Pharmacy.

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#PoweringPastPandemic Sessions

Short talks and personal stories from faculty, staff and students on what powering past the pandemic, reconnecting with wellness and looking ahead means to them.

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Speaker: James Butler, M.Ed., Mindfulness Campus Coordinator, Longhorn Wellness Center
Title: Mindfully Moving Through
Description: James Butler, the new UT Mindfulness Campus Coordinator will share his journey on shifting his morning mindfulness routine to help him move through the pandemic, his mental health struggles, and his anti-racist journey by listening to his body, mind and heart. The session will start with his story and conclude with an abbreviated mindfulness practice for all participants.
Materials: Daily Mindfulness Practice

Speaker: Dr. Shauna T. Sobers, Assistant Director, University Housing and Dining
Title: Becoming Resilient – A Model for Women Leaders of Color and Those Who Support Them
Description: This interactive session shares 4 tenants of the Resilience Tree model and provides the audience with structured time to reflect and discuss what components they have in their lives currently and how mentors, supervisors and coworkers can support the women of color in their lives to navigate the risk factors that often limit progression to executive leadership.
Materials: Dr. Sober’s website

Speaker: Jacob E. Thomas, M.A., Ph.D. candidate, College of Education
Title: Music that Inspires US: Exploring Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion through Lyrics and Song
Description: What role do we all play in the emerging paradigm shift toward racial equity? This talk is about hidden themes that we can uncover when reflecting on the media that we interact with. It is also about unexpected ways of finding place and purpose within a complex societal struggle.

Resiliency 101: A Conversation About Building Personal Resilience: Graduate Students

This panel includes a diverse group of graduate students who will share their own experiences with resiliency and how it shows up in their personal lives as a grad student on and off campus.

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Mindful Movement

Annika will be leading you through a 20-minute movement session from your chair. She will be focusing on opening up and combating any tension you may experience in the hips, neck and back from all the sitting we do every day. For this session, you will need yourself, a water bottle and a clear space around you.

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Closing Remarks

Brittany O'Malley, M.P.H., Chair- UT Wellness Network

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Asynchronous Content

Spotify Playlist
We asked you what songs helped you through the pandemic and then created a playlist to help you keep on grooving.

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Pre-recorded #PoweringPastPandemic presenters

Speaker: Will Ross, M.A., UT Outpost Coordinator, Office of the Dean of Students
Title: Addressing food security during a Pandemic: UT Outpost supporting Longhorns with food needs
Description: March 2020, the world changed in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic. This 29 min. video casually discusses how the UT Outpost quickly adapted their programming to support Longhorns living with food insecurity during a pandemic.

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Speaker: Alexis McDonald, UT Alumna
Title: Bouncing Forward from Adversity: Graduating within a Pandemic
Description: Alexis McDonald is an honorary graduate from the Class of 2020. She shares her story about the challenges of graduating within the pandemic and advice for redefining resilience

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Movement Classes from Recreational Sports

30 Minute Tabata with Shannon
Get ready to sweat and challenge your heart rate in this quick and effective 30-minute Tabata workout! Shannon will be leading you through this high intensity interval training workout, where the timing will be 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest! For this workout, you will need a mat and a water bottle. Dumbbells are optional.

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15 Minute Meditation with Addie
Join Addie for this 15-minute introduction to Meditation! In this workout, you will learn breathing techniques and tips to help you relax your body and bring peace to your mind. You won’t need any equipment for this practice, just make sure to find a quiet space before beginning.

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15 Minute Yoga for the Hips and Heart with Amanda
In this 15-minute yoga workout, Amanda will be leading you through a flow that focuses on relieving any tension or discomfort you feel in the hips! You will feel relaxed, refreshed, and renewed by the end of this session! All you will need for this practice is a mat and a water bottle.

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