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BeVOCAL: The Bystander Intervention Initiative of The University of Texas at Austin


BeVOCAL is a university-wide initiative to promote the idea that individual Longhorns have the power to prevent high-risk behavior and harm. BeVOCAL builds on the existing expertise of campus centers and departments at UT Austin and unifies these with consistent messaging and content. This means that while the issue or type of harm may vary in context, the promotion of intervention, the action steps, potential barriers and many resources will be consistent across issue areas. Our hope is that the reinforcement of bystander intervention by our numerous partners, we will increase the odds of a UT student intervening to prevent harm as well as create a culture of caring for each other's well-being.

Mission: BeVOCAL enhances bystanders’ confidence and motivation to intervene to prevent and reduce harm.

Vision: BeVOCAL envisions in a community that engages and invests in everyone's safety and wellbeing.

What is BeVOCAL?

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