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BeVocal: The Bystander Intervention Initiative of The University of Texas at Austin


Ways to Infuse BeVocal

  • Intervene as a bystander on campus using the BeVOCAL 3-step model
  • Incorporate BeVOCAL content into a workshop or event already hosted by your organization (department, program, or student organization)
  • Create a new workshop or event that highlights BeVOCAL
  • Incorporate BeVOCAL information into handouts and materials that exist in your organization
  • Provide strategies or advice for intervening to others
  • Have informal conversations about BeVOCAL and bystander intervention with your peers
  • Follow and interact with our social media on @bevocalut
  • Display BeVOCAL materials in your office or event
  • Wear your BeVOCAL t-shirt

What are your ideas? Let us know!
Consulting is available to anyone wanting to incorporate BeVOCAL into their program, department or organization
E-mail: to schedule

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