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Healthy Dining Committee

The Healthy Dining Committee seeks to enhance the campus dining culture for faculty, staff, students and campus guests through promotion of healthy food and beverage items by providing a variety of accessible and affordable options. All campus community members with an interest in nutrition, food policy or related topics are invited to participate. The Healthy Dining Committee membership represents a wide variety of campus departments.

Committee Initiatives & Supported Efforts:

The Healthy Dining Committee seeks to address priority nutrition-related issues through the following campus initiatives:

Healthy Vending Machines
The Healthy Vending Map represents on-campus snack vending machine with healthier options. Lite Bites items are part of an initiative to make healthy food and drink options on campus easily identifiable. All Lite Bites items meet national and local nutrition criteria for healthy vending snack options and meet the following standards:

Healthy Snack Criteria:

  • Not more than 35% of calories from fat (except for nuts and seeds, nut butters, eggs, non-fried vegetables, and cheese packaged for individual sale)
  • Not more than 10% of calories from saturated fat (excluding eggs and cheese packaged for individual sale)
  • Not more than 35% total weight from sugar and caloric sweeteners (except for fruits and vegetables that have not been processed with added sweeteners)
  • Not more than 360 mg of sodium per serving
  • Not more than 250 calories per individual package for snack items

Hydration Stations
The committee has received Green funds through the UT Austin Sustainability Office to facilitate construction of water bottle filling “hydration stations” to promote hydration, decrease sugar-sweetened beverage consumption and decrease environmental impact of disposable water bottles. Through this project, water bottle filling stations have increased in academic buildings and outside spaces.

UT Farm Stand
Our committee supports and promotes the UT Farm Stand, which is managed by University Housing and Dining. This on-campus market aims to make local produce accessible to all while educating about sustainable food choices and their impact on the environment.

To get involved contact the committee co-chairs:
Sarah Frey
Xiaofen Keating

healthyding options
healthyding options