Wellness Network is comprised of a number of committees. Below is an overview of the current committees. Click on the committee names to get more details and committee meeting times. You can also download the Spring 2017 Committee Report for an overview of the recent work being done in each group.

Assessment: This committee reviews and conducts research to assess the health and wellness needs of the UT-Austin community, as well as to set priorities and inform initiatives. The Assessment Chair serves as a partner and consultant to other Wellness Network committees.

Communication: This committee implements communications strategies and tactics that promote health and wellness services, initiatives, and resources. The Communication Chair serves as a partner and consultant to other Wellness Network committees.

BeVocal: The Bystander Initiative at The University of Texas at Austin:
BeVocal is a university-wide initiative to promote the idea that individual Longhorns have the power to prevent high-risk behavior and harm. BeVocal builds on the existing expertise of campus centers and departments at UT Austin and unifies these with consistent messaging and content. Individual subcommittees also meet regularly.

Committee On Substance Safety and Overdose Prevention (COSSOP) Committee
This committee will focus on preventing opiate/opioid misuse, abuse, and overdose.

Hazing Prevention and Education Committee:
This committee hopes to develop uniform and consistent messaging and core concepts for our community regarding hazing.

Healthy Dining Committee:
This committee promotes various healthy dining options on campus and makes recommendations for new, innovative initiatives that increase access to healthy dining options at UT-Austin.

High-Risk Drinking Prevention Committee:
This committee works to reduce high-risk drinking through research, campus and community partnerships, and recommending environmental management strategies and policy changes.

Member Engagement Committee:
This committee works to keep members engaged, give guidance for programming and policies, ensure that our work is representative and inclusive, create the monthly member newsletter, and plan member events such as brown bag and networking sessions.

Mental Health Promotion Committee:
This committee brings together faculty, staff, and students in order to cultivate a culture that supports and practices evidence-informed mental health promotion at UT-Austin. Specifically, any initiative that emerges from this committee will look at one or more of the following: mindfulness; expressing gratitude; social connectedness; resilience; personal growth & life-purpose discovery; self-acceptance; or creativity and play.

Tobacco Free Campus Committee:
This committee brings together faculty, staff, and students to work to increase compliance with the Tobacco Free Campus Policy.

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